Vuthy is back!

We are happy to say that our base leader, Vuthy is back from Bangkok!


He was away for two whole weeks at a leadership conference where he learned the fundamentals of continued education in leading a base and how to further grow YDC Kampot by the will of the Lord. Upon his return he treated all of the staff to a retreat in Sihonakville where the vision of YDC Kampot is continuing to be casted within each staff member,

“to disciple and walk along side the youth of Toch Village to value their education, to encourage their parents to protect their children, and for all to embrace hope for a better future in Jesus Christ.”



*Left to right*

Sam, Marina, Parker, Sophea, Pheaktra, Chandea, Somnang (Lucky), Yoyo, Sophanet, Petra, Casey, Pov, Samantha, Vuthy, Emily

As we move forward in this plan of God we are always reminded of the goodness of His mercy that is unfailing as it is stated in Psalm 106, “Praise the Lord! Oh give thanks to the Lord, for he is good, for his steadfast love endures forever!”.

Prayer Requests

Please continue to pray for provision of the new YDC Kampot facility as we are undergoing construction ideas for the building. Also pray for strength, wisdom and guidance for each staff member present.


Update on the Interns

We are so exited to have all of the interns now present! Casey arrived five days ago and is adjusting very well. There is now a total of four interns who make up a small team working in different areas of the ministry.

Marina was on a World Race team in 2012 where her love for Cambodia grew being that she was here with a team for one month and felt the Lord calling her back to YDC Kampot to assist Vuthy and his team in any way that she can, however specifically she feels that the ministry that she is truly called to here in this season of her life is encouragement and exhortation to Vuthy and his family. She presently is working alongside Sophea in accounting and teaching one English class in the evening. In January she will be off to Battambang to pursue Discipleship Training School (DTS) with University for the Nations for 6 months.


Parker was also on the same World Race team in 2012 and had a deep desire to come back to YDC Kampot and serve as a leader over the boys that currently live on campus. He is now doing so and the boys have certainly accepted him as both a leader and a brother. In addition Parker is now our local school bus (tuk-tuk) driver, picking up students every morning and afternoon to learn English.12227223_322444234593022_7013678439619614446_n

Casey was here with a 3 month team in January and felt the Lord drawing her back to help oversee and lead the young girls of the community by teaching biblical truths and having monthly meetings with them all together. Her desire along with Vuthy is to eventually see a girl’s dormitory established on campus just as the boys currently have. She has been here only 5 days but feels as though she never left. We are glad to have her back on our team!


Emily was also on the same 3 month team in January and is currently teaching 3 classes a day in the YDC and has a desire to continue to see the English classes develop and grow as students continue to come. She is preparing to become staff and will be going to Battambang this up and coming January for DTS with Marina.   IMG_7984

As our team continues to grow please pray for more staff to assist the kingdom work being done here at the YDC. We are in need of local Cambodian staff who are willing to serve as teachers for the English classes. Also be praying for unity among all the staff, boys and students.

“Behold, how good and pleasant it is when brothers dwell in unity! It is like the precious oil on the head…” Psalm 133:1-2

Thank you for meeting our little team!

October 2015


Firstly I am excited to announce that the $3,000 needed for the land has been fully funded! The Lord has continued to inspire and supply the need for YDC Kampot in miraculous ways!

This month we have had a team of men all the way from Canada join our group in helping to build a home for a family in Touch Village who, along with over 50 other families in this village are in need of proficient shelter. These families presently have no funding or helping hands to properly build a home sufficient for the members of their family. So with the hard work of fundraising from the North View Church in Canada they were able to send five men who were so willing to assist one family in this great need.

The family currently has 5 children and both parents are present however, only 3 of the children are living with them, two young daughters and a small son. These 3 children are now learning English at YDC Kampot and are thriving in each class! While the team was helping the parents build the home, all of the children were apart of the building process as well, carrying bricks, cement and assisting as much as they could.

North View Church, YDC Kampot appreciates your servant’s hearts and also for sending Victor, John, Andrew, Paul, and Dennis as well as our very own staff member Rachelle to work alongside our team to further the gospel in Touch Village and all over Cambodia.


Prayer Requests

The building and materials of the YDC Kampot facilities are still needed to start the construction process. Please pray that along with the miracles God has already done that this process is just as much apart of those miracles. Also be in constant intercession for families of the local staff members of YDC, that their hearts will hear and understand the Word of God as it is being spoken through their children.

Thank you all for your support and constant prayer for YDC Kampot.

September 2015

Seusdey! (Hello!)

Summer break is almost over and the new school term is coming fast! Staff member Petra and YDC Intern Emily, have worked on completing registration for each student for English classes from ages ranging between preschool through high school. Using a placement test for each potential student Petra and Emily are able to establish the correct grade or level for all.

Classes are set to begin October 1st and with this in mind project leader Vuthy and all of the boys living here at YDC have placed new walls and a roof on the third classroom on the campus.


The Vision Continues On

As Vuthy has been diligent in the small things the Lord has given him, he continually desires to see both the YDC campus and staff housing built. With Phase I completed and the land being filled there is a cost still needing to be paid of $3,000 for the land.

Prayer Requests

Please continue to pray for divine direction from the Lord in the continuation of this vision being castes for YDC Kampot as well as peace and provision along the way!

God bless you all!

August 2015

Hello All!

August has been a month of adventure and new starts are on the horizon! Throughout the course of this month, Veasna has graduated from his DTS in Siem Reap (YAY!), a staff retreat was held in Kep as well as a YWAM staff conference held in Battambang and interns are on the way!

Firstly we would like to congratulate our brother Veasna for his steadfast commitment to complete his course of DTS in Siem Reap however, we are saddened on account of him no longer being staff here at YDC Kampot. Due to his family’s financial situation and status, he feels obligated to now work in Phnom Pehn to help supply an income for his mother, brother and sister that live in Kampot.image

Sometimes there’s work and sometimes there’s play.

As staff of YDC Kampot, time was spent enjoying great quality time in Kep! Here are some highlights: when not at the beach, there were times of getting to know each other better through personality tests, sharing the future vision for YDC Kampot, preparing for the interns to arrive and talking about personal/individual goals.

New Intern!

Kampot has a new intern, Emily! Upon being apart of this ministry back in January with a 3 month long team she has felt the Lord calling her back to become staff and will be doing her DTS in Battambang January 2016 along with another intern coming in October! In reliance upon the wisdom of the Holy Spirit we are excited to see ones called out and bringing the gospel to those not only in Touch Village but to Cambodia as a whole.

Catch The Wave

We are excited for what God has placed in our hearts and lives while at the staff conference in Battambang. Throughout our time there we learned what it truly means to “Catch the wave” from speakers (name), meaning that we with all of our human efforts and affections humbly lay down all of that before the feet of our Savior Jesus and let him transform our lives and that in turn will spill over to the lives around us! There were also times of great encouragement in continuing to further ministry through the nation of Cambodia in the different YDC and ministry locations.

Prayer Requests

Thank you all greatly for your prayers and support, please be in constant prayer for our brother Veasna as he is in Phnom Pehn supporting his family also pray for a deeper level of unity within the staff of YDC and the interns that have arrived and are arriving. As we lift up these prayers to the Lord let us always remember that it is Him who has called us and it is Him who will complete the divine work he has started! Blessings to all!

May 2015 Update

Hello Everyone

It’s been a long time!! So much has been going on lately and there are so many new stories to tell. Amazing stories of Christ’s redemption and dreams being fulfilled! Our community is thankful for those that Christ has brought and continues to bring into it.

As many of you may have seen Vuthy’s dream is beginning to become a reality. Many people have joined in praying for God’s provision and timing for the expansion of the ministry and we are excited to report that things are moving forward.  Phase 1 is well underway.  The land has now been purchased and was just recently filled (see the pics below) so now drawing up building plans and raising funds for the building costs for the employment centre are the next steps (more on this to come).

land being filled 1st

land being filled 4

Land being filled 2

Land being filled  Land being filled 3

Thanks to all who have given towards the project so far, we pray and believe God will use this centre mightily to make Him known in this community.

Update on the staff…


Our lovely leader Vuthy has decided to leave us and go to the Philippines for no particular reason other than to study leadership! He is studying the Leadership Development Course that YWAM runs in Cebu, Philippines for 6 weeks. He left late April and we hope to see him back here in June! He is absolutely loving it! He has such a heart and desire to see the ministry grow and he felt that God wanted Him to grow as a leader as well so he can have a better understanding of how effectively lead the people God has placed in his care.


Veasna is off doing his DTS and is in his lecture phase of his DTS. He has been busy studying the bible, touring Angkor Watt, serving in YWAM ministries in Siem Reap, and taking selfies. We miss him and what he brings to YDC Kampot, but God has been doing incredible things in his life while he’s been away. His mom committed her life to Christ last month after many years of hearing and home visits. Please pray for her, that she would begin to understand and grow deeper in her faith.

Petra Som (Glasses)

Petra got an opportunity to take the Sound of the Nations course in Battambong, Cambodia for six weeks. This course helps to develop worship leaders cross culturally. He’ll be back at the end of this month and we’re excited to hear all he’s taken away from the course…. And for him to lead us in worship.

Petra Hong

Petra is helping out at the coconut oil business part-time while school is on break. He has gotten to know one of the staff, Pov, quite well since working there. Petra’s had the opportunity to share his faith with Pov.

He’s been experiencing some difficulties with his family. They are experiencing some financial difficulties and they want Petra to get a paid position in Phnom Penh so he can support his family. His family aren’t Christians and don’t see the value of the work he’s apart of at YDC Kampot. He’s under a lot of pressure, so please be praying for Him too.


Sophanet is studying in Kampot town but is joining us for church on weekends so we don’t see him all that often, but we are THANKFUL for him! He has been doing a great job of teaching the children English and has a real desire to develop his skills further.

Next time we’ll send an update on the boys!

Lastly More Goodbyes…

We said goodbye to the Passport team from World Race a couple weeks back. They were serving at YDC Kampot for 3 months (the longest any team has served) and they all were such a gift. They are still being talked about and are missed dearly. We love you guys! Here are a couple pictures and blog posts from their time with us.

Team pic 1

Team pic

Blogs posts from the passport team

This is enough for now.  Thanks for all your prayers and support!

We love you guys,

YDC Kampot Team

If you would like to make a donation to YDC Kampot please click on the link below

A couple words from Veasna!

Hello Everyone,

Guess who’s gone to study his Discipleship Training School (DTS)… Veasna! He headed off to Siem Reap last week on the bus (see pic below) a little nervous, but excited for what’s ahead.   He will be studying his DTS until the end of July.

Bus to

What is DTS?  An intensive six-month training that teaches you to know God and make him known.

The training is divided into two parts: lecture phase and outreach. During the twelve weeks of lecture international speakers teach about subjects such as The Father heart of God, Hearing Gods voice, Relationships, Identity, Missions and many other subjects. During the outreach that follows in Cambodia or in neighboring countries, the students learn to practice what they have learned.

Veasna has been staff at YDC Kampot for the past 2 years teaching English and being apart of the worship team. Recently he felt it was time for him to get more training and develop deeper in his knowledge and understanding of Christ and so he along with the leadership team decided it would be a good time for him to go study DTS!

Now this is a big step for a country boy, Veasna will be rooming with new people, receiving much of his training in English (yes there will be some translation), and living in a brand new city. Veasna has asked for the following…..

  1. Prayer – Pray for strong relationships to be built with his classmates
  • Pray for a deeper understanding and affection for Christ in Veasna’s life
  • Pray for a growing comprehension of the English language
  • Pray for finances for the school
  1. Finances – DTS Cost: $1500.00
  • Veasna already has $100.00 put towards the school so he’s still in need of $1400.00 more to be able to take part in the outreach portion of the school. Please pray about partnering with him in this.
  • If you are interested in partnering with him please contact Rachelle at for more information.

Veasna also made a video with his friend sharing his testimony about where God has and is continuing to lead him.

New Start, Baptism, What’s next!!

Much can happen in a month! School is in after a month long break and much had to transpire in order for this to happen.

So what’s been happening with the English school…

  1. We have teachers…
  • This has been a huge prayer request over the last couple of months and God has answered our prayers by having many of the original staff return.
    • Veasna has returned from Phnom Penh as he felt that for 2015 God wanted him to finish his Grade 12 education and work at Kampot YDC. This was a difficult act of obedience as this went against his mother’s wishes for him to support his family financially. Please pray for our brother in this.
    • Petra has returned from completing his DTS to teach and work with teams
    • Petra Som (glasses man) has also returned after taking some time off to do some soul searching and seeing where he fits. He will be working with teams and teaching English to the pre-intermediate class.
  1. The classrooms are built

Vuthy and the staff, with help from the Montana DTS, built and restored all there classrooms. Here are a couple of photos of the build. Thanks to all who supported the ministry to make this possible!

1st picture of build 2nd picture of build Last picutre of build

  1. We are now charging a small fee for English Class

Students will now pay 10,000 Riel ($2.5) to take English classes for 3 months. We are charging the fee as we want our students to take the classes more seriously and owe their English education as well as pay for the supplies needed for the school.

English class started on February 2nd and there were about 100 students registered then so praise God for that.


This is an exciting time. We have baptism on Sunday February 15th at the beach in Kep. Some of Vuthy’s boys will be baptized along with some of the students from the English classes and church members. Please pray for those that are getting baptized, that they would have a deep understanding of baptism, that they would grow deeper in their walk through this experience as they publicly profess there devotion to Christ, and that if there are others who are supposed to get baptized as well that they would make the decision to be.

What’s Next…

Well as many of you know, Vuthy has a vision to have a Mercy clinic started in the village.  The goal is to buy land for $12,000 and any additional funds will be put toward a $25,000 goal to build the Mercy Clinic.

We have a campaign started on GoFundMe and a DTS student from Montana made a short video providing the details of the campaign. We believe that if this is where God is directing us then He will provide the funds needed in order to make this possible. Below is a link to the campaign.

Your prayers and donations are very appreciated!

Prayer Re-cap

  1. The new school semester
  2. Baptisms on Sunday, February 15
  3. Mercy Clinic funds

Christmas in Kampot!


For to us a child is born,
to us a son is given,
and the government will be on his shoulders.
And he will be called
Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God,
Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.

Isaiah 9:6

Thanks for all your prayers and support, we were able to share in Christ’s birth twice this year.  One at YDC Kampot on Dec 21st and the other in Vuthy’s Grandma’s village about 45 minutes away on Dec 27th.   We had a wonderful time and had many people come and joined in the celebration.  The students acted out the Christmas Story in traditional Khmer clothes (to be more culturally sensitive) and they performed dance routines as well.  Vuthy shared the message of Jesus coming to earth as a baby to be the saviour of the world with such passion.

We hope you all had an amazing Christmas with your family’s and loved ones across the world celebrating Christ.  Please continue to pray for all the folks who came out to join the Christmas Parties; that the Holy Spirit would continue to do a work in their hearts and that they would come to faith in Him.

We love you and Happy New Year,

YDC Kampot Family

Here are some Photos….

DAncing Khmer style



Kampot 1

Kampot 2

Christmas is a Comin!


You’d think after 4 years in ministry saying hello to new teams and then saying goodbye a month later would get easier.. but alas this has proven to be false for us here at YDC Kampot.  Most teams we’ve hosted bring their own sparkle and shine and capture our attentions and affections as they come alongside and serve with us.  We experienced this in a big way with the Harpenden Team over this last month (Team Picture Below).

team pic

We are so grateful for the Harpenden team and for all they’ve poured into the ministry and ministry members.  We had to say goodbye to them earlier this month and again were reminded of how difficult goodbyes can be.  The boys are still talking about ya’ll.


60 is the number of Students who have come to inquire about English Class at YDC Kampot.  Kids of all ages are interested in learning English at our place.


Two of our old staff will be returning to work at YDC Kampot.  This is an answer to prayer as we have been short staffed for a while now.  Petra Hong will be returning from his DTS on the 6th of December and will be joining the staff full-time.  We are thrilled to have him back on staff and to hear all about his time in Battambong and China.

Sophanet is the other staff member who will be returning.  He took a break from working with us over the last 6 months and returned full time as of December 1st.


Vuthy dressed up as Santa Clause last year and this year it looks like he’ll be Santa Clause once again!  Not that this is the true meaning of Christmas but Vuthy becomes a cheerful giver!  We are thrilled to share the birth of Christ with the people of Toch Village on December 21st and the people in a neighbouring village (Vuthy’s grandma’s village) on the 27th.   We are going to have a big Christmas BBQ Celebration and invite as many folks as possible.  We think that we may have about 600 people in attendance between the two locations based on our numbers from last year.  Please be praying for this!  These parties are not cheap and so we would be grateful for any involvement.

Screen Shot 2014-12-02 at 2.48.01 PM

Picture from Last years Christmas Party…

Christmas 2 Christmas 4 Christmas party Christmas 3


  1. Christmas Party – that God would bring together the details and that people would come to know more about Him and the birth of His son.
  2. Returning Staff
  3. That we would allow God to sustain us.
  4. Provision to begin developing the land.  Phase 1 is filling in the land with dirt dirt and more dirt.  So far we’ve had $75 donated!

If you are interested in partnering with us please click on the link